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Modifications And Relocations

Protecting Your Interests After Divorce

When you have gone through the family court process, you may think your problems are solved. Having successfully worked through divorce, child custody decisions and financial support arrangement, that may be true. However, in some cases it may be necessary to make changes later.

My name is Susan Winterberger. I dedicate my practice to family law, with a special emphasis in family law for those attached to the military – a case where change is sometimes the only constant. I am uniquely able to protect your interests as your situation evolves.

Changing Circumstances, Changing Arrangements

As life goes on after a divorce, your circumstances may change. For instance, a new job or a new marriage may necessitate a relocation, and if your child primarily lives with you after a divorce, you may think you have the right to move with them wherever you would like. However, under Florida law, you may not move with your child more than 50 miles away without the permission of the court. Furthermore, the other parent may choose to contest this request.

Additionally, a new job or marriage could change your financial circumstances, necessitating a change to arrangements like child support and spousal support. For this change, you also need approval from the court — and again, your ex-spouse may choose to contest the change.

No matter the type of your modification, whether you are seeking approval to relocate or need to change financial arrangements, having a skilled family law attorney on your side could make all the difference in the success or failure of your request.

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