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You Deserve To Have Your Interests Protected

If you are considering divorce in Florida, there are multiple legal implications you must also consider. What will happen to your property, your children and your future assets including retirement benefits can all complicate the process. Finding a skilled family law attorney who can manage it for you can give you the peace of mind you deserve, knowing that your interests are being protected by an experienced professional.

A Lawyer Who Focuses On Solutions

My name is Susan Winterberger. I have dedicated my practice to family law, and through that experience help clients with matters including:

  • Evaluating benefits of an uncontested versus contested divorce. An uncontested divorce allows the parties to determine how they would like key issues decided, as well as to forego the time and expense of a contested divorce. However, when the parties cannot agree on certain terms, a contested divorce may make sense.
  • Managing issues specific to a military divorce. There are certain issues that are unique to military divorce, including property division, division of military benefits and handling custody and support when one partner may be deployed.
  • Implications regarding children, including child support and child custody. For many of my clients, their first question is about their children. I can offer you peace of mind as I work to achieve the results you want regarding your children.
  • Handling spousal support and alimony. In some cases, you may be eligible to pay or receive spousal support. I will evaluate your situation and give you my opinion as to what you may expect.

No matter what your specific situation requires, I can evaluate your needs and devise a plan to meet them.

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Navigating the process of divorce can be daunting. Having a seasoned family law attorney on your side can make it easier. To discuss your case with me, call my Crestview office at 850-398-4355.