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Your Family Is Changing

Family law issues are complex, not just because of Florida law, but because of the high stakes that come along with them. Divorce, child custody, spousal support and other processes can be the solution to your family issues, but can also cause huge issues for you and your loved ones if they are not handled correctly. You need a lawyer who understands your situation.

Offering A New Kind Of Approach

I am attorney Susan Winterberger. As an experienced family law attorney, I offer my clients a unique approach to legal representation, featuring:

  • Individualized attention and strategy. Because I am a solo practitioner, you will receive the benefit of my full attention and skill. I will evaluate your case and develop a personalized plan for success, not hand off your case to a less-experienced associate.
  • Special understanding of the legal area. I have dedicated my practice to family law, and I pair that experience with a personal understanding of the challenges military families face. I am the daughter of a retired service member, and two of my three children are currently actively serving in the armed forces. I am uniquely able to help military families solve their legal issues. Additionally, I was awarded the Excellence in Advocacy for representing special needs children from the statewide Guardian ad Litem program in 2016, so I have the deep understanding of the family law system necessary to take on your case.
  • Multi-disciplinary experience. Before becoming a lawyer, I was a registered nurse. This past professional experience gives me a unique perspective on my practice. I understand the practical implications of my work, not just the theoretical.

Protecting your family’s interests is my priority. I will work to achieve the results you want, in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To learn more about my background, click the link below.

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Facing family law issues can be stressful, but it does not have to be. Protect your interests as well as your family by allowing me to manage your legal needs. To arrange an appointment, call my Crestview office at 850-398-4355, or reach out through my online contact form. I will respond as soon as possible.